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To celebrate the full launch of Lairs of Lawlessness, we are running an everyone wins giveaway. Books, dice, and discounts! Follow @CailoreDM and retweet the announcement tweet to win.

We’ll be giving away:

  • Combo hardcover (Lairs of Lawlessness and Waterdeep: Dragonheist)-when available
  • 4 soft-cover Lairs of Lawlessness adventure portfolios.
  • 4 Lairs of Lawlessness adventure modules for Fantasy Grounds.
  • 10 .pdf Lairs of Lawlessness adventure portfolios.
  • 4 sets of dice from our friends at Tabletop Loot.

Everyone who doesn’t win one of the above will receive a coupon for a .pdf for 50% off the regular price. Available for 3.5e and 5e. mention which you want in your retweet.

This giveaway runs through September 9th.

Can’t wait until then, we’ve got an incredible launch sale going on: