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Keep your notes and rolls secret behind this wonderful screen useful for running Open Game License (OGL) games. It is decorated with maps from Cailore Fantasy™ including a map of Auctorus from the world of Ǻrth. The inside of the screen has handy reference charts useful of all those OGL rules you might need to reference on the fly.

This product is designed for customizable GM’s screens available online which accept letter-sized inserts in the portrait orientation. DriveThruRPG and RPG offer the great Hammerdog vinyl screen, if you buy one of those here, you can get the Cailore Fantasy™ screen inserts free.

Card One—OGL 3.5 Cover

Characters from A1 Lairs of Lawlessness, an adventure for OGL 3.5 play available on The group stand in front of the Open Game License 3.5 logo.

Card Two—NPC Class Information

This card shows the basic level-dependent attributes for each of the OGL NPC classes. The second set of charts show how much gear a PC or NPC of a given level might be expected to have according to their level.  Values are in Silver Astrum ☄, which have the same purchasing power of gold pieces in standard OGL campaigns (see Card Three). Diplomacy DCs for influencing NPC attitudes appears on the final table.

Card Three—Advancement by Level

This card shows the progression of level dependent abilities for both PC classes and monster types. After those tables you can find the normal treasure awards for encounters by EL, or you can compute the typical award value of treasure by multiplying the number of XP awarded by the multiplier found on the Treasure per XP table. Finally, there is a table for the optional Cailore Coinage system we use in our fantasy games, this system uses silver as the ‘basic unit of coin’ instead of the gold piece used in most OGL settings, the result is that gold and platinum are 10 times as valuable as the would be normally, which makes several higher-level coinage issues less insane. The Platinum Talent ? is a two-pound bar of platinum which is the standard unit of exchange used by governments, being worth 10,000 OGL gold pieces. The art on this card was supplied by the very talented Juan Ochoa and the less talented Kip Kay.

Card Four—Treasure & XP Awards

If random treasure is more your style, the tables on card four will allow you to create a completely random treasure hoard, and randomize gem values.  There is also a table for XP awards up to level 20.

Card Five—Encounters & Obstacle

Over, around, and through, this card tells you about overcoming obstacles, navigating overland and random encounters. There is also a summary of bonus types for OGL 3.5 games.

Card Six—Conditions, Poison, & Disease

Character conditions, common poisons and diseases are all summarized on card six. We’ve added a couple items unique to Ǻrth and Cailore Fantasy.™

Card Seven—Weapons & Armor

Common weapons are listed on card seven with their damage (small and medium size classes) along with critical threat spread, thrown/missile range, weight and damage type. Common armor from Ǻrth is also listed.

Card Eight—Saves & Checks

The last card focuses on player skill use and saving throws people requested to be on the screen. You can find bardic knowledge, Spellcraft, concentration, and use magic device checks, but also some attack modifiers, detection spells and a quick cheat-sheet for familiars.

Bonus Materials—Expanded Encounter & Spotting Rules

3.5 OGL famously gutted their spotting distance and encounter rules, preferring to let the GM wing-it. The companion booklet to the GM screen offers a fairly easy, but rules option that might help Game Masters who want some more substantial rules.

Bonus, Bonus Material—Introductory Activity

Lead new players through the ‘Lord’s Obstacle Course’ to get them used to using their characters’ skills and abilities—even fun to run as a contest with more experienced players.

Thanks to our Supporters

Thank you to everyone who downloaded our first OGL screen and gave us feedback and donations to make it better. It’s been a dream of mine for a long time to share game material with a larger audience and your help is making it possible. Thank you.

Available this Week

Available in print and electronic format on RPGnow and DriveThruRPG. The print version are beautiful and worth every penny.