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Lairs of Lawlessness puts the player characters in the service of a young knight who is just building his first stronghold. The players help the knight battle evil forces and make his shire safe for civilization while learning for themselves the rewards and dangers of dungeon delving.

The portfolio is designed with the idea of the adventure being used to introduce new players to the game system, with many opportunities for characters of many classes to make good use of their low-level abilities and skills. In this way, veteran players and newcomers alike can make a strong connection to their new character and gain ideas about how to best build that character in the long run to be a character the player wants to play.


Player’s Map of the Upriver Region of Orcspire

The action in the adventure is based in the Upriver region of the Grand Barony of Orcspire, but game masters can easily fit the region into their own campaign worlds if they don’t game on the world of Ǻrth.

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A1 Cover

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You’ll find:

  • Over 130 pages and 78,000 words of adventure!
  • Extra help for players and game masters starting an OGL campaign.
  • Art by fantasy artists Juan Ochoa, J. L. LaMastus, Lance Hagen, Antal Kéninger, and Heywood Sumner.
  • 30 adventure locations with more than 100 encounters!
  • New Feats and Magic Items for your OGL or OGL compatible campaign.
  • Combat, Role-Playing, Skill, and Puzzle challenges to round out your party’s preferred play styles.
  • Several moral and ethical dilemmas to help your players define their characters and shape the tone of your campaign—is your party a group of questing heroes or a group of individualistic opportunists? Dedicated to the gods, or to the flesh? Or are they merely adventure seekers uninterested with the esoterica of such things?
  • Easy conversion to other game systems—if you prefer the latest edition of fighting dragons in dungeons or finding your path, you can easily use the encounters in Lairs of Lawlessness for your own campaign with minimal fuss or additional preparation.
Download Player Maps Here.