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There are very few dragons on the continent of Auctorus during the present day, but it has not always been that way. There was a time when humanity was still young, when dragons, both good and evil, dwelled in substantial numbers in the wilds of Auctorus. Or at least they were the wilds as humans saw it, as to the eyes of dragons, the puny human settlements were beneath notice.

It was not until the time of the founding of the Great Empire that humans came to be worthy of the attentions of dragonkind. At first good dragons became intrigued by this first flowering of human culture, then evil dragons became interested in terrorizing the feeble creatures. For the next thousand years the early people of the Great Empire were at the mercy of dragonkind, up to the time when their numbers grew and their magic matured enough for them to fall dragons so bold as to encroach upon their communities. But this did not stop evil dragons from ravaging the barbarians in the western lands, which they continued to do with renewed vigor for some time.

As the organization and power of Great Empire grew, their hatred of dragonkind did not subside, so it came to pass that the Empire organized a special legion to hunt dragons and slay them to the last. When the Dwarves of the Granite Court learned of this, they offered 200 of their most powerful warriors, and mightiest Clerics to the cause. But the strength of numbers was not to be the key to success of the Imperial Dragon Slayers, it was preparation. Each dragon was carefully researched and cataloged with powerful divinations before the hunt began.

As the brutal work of the dragon slayers met with success after success, the good dragons knew it was time to leave Auctorus, less they be attacked in time. Evil dragons however began vicious attacks upon all Imperial settlements they could find, however, many a brutish dragon died upon the battlements of heavy Imperial fortifications, and other more scheming dragons found their deaths when their plots were discovered, and the Dragon Slayer Legion arrived to sever its root.

Over two hundred years the Great Empire warred with evil dragons, until the survivors were so few they dared not make themselves known. Most of the remaining dragons left Auctorus to find new homes on the continents of Sturmgaard or Novus, but a few remained behind, content to lurk, until the short-lived humans were no longer prepared.

Draconis Acidus: Old term for black dragon.

Draconis Aëneus: Old term for bronze dragon.

Draconis Argentus: Old term for silver dragon.

Draconis Brumalis: Old term for white dragon.

Draconis Divinus: Old term for gold dragon.

Draconis Fulmenis: Old term for blue dragon.

Draconis Infernus: Old term for red dragon.

Draconis Locutis: Old term for brass dragon.

Draconis Silvæ: Old term for green dragon.

Draconis Veterator: Old term for copper dragon.