The World of Årth

The World of Årth




The Peoples








Living on Ǻrth

Money of Ǻrth

Money of Ǻrth

The way ounces of gold so quickly became insignificant units of value in most fantasy role playing always concerned me, it seemed that "penniless" peasants would need to scrape together several gold pieces a month to meet their meager fiscal obligations—and if...

Curse of Llewellyn

Curse of Llewellyn

It is said that long ago a Kellish bard named Llewellyn won the heart of a beautiful mermaid. The mermaid asked her mother Mhorann (a powerful sorceress) if she could wed the Kell, and live with him in his keep on land. Mhorann denied the request and forbade her...

Dragons of Auctorus

There are very few dragons on the continent of Auctorus during the present day, but it has not always been that way. There was a time when humanity was still young, when dragons, both good and evil, dwelled in substantial numbers in the wilds of Auctorus. Or at least...

History of Auctorus

Creation Myth In a time before time, the seven creator gods came to this plane to create the Well of Urð. Hɛxidæ first created the firmament from the ether, giving the other gods a canvas on which to work. Hɛlaias then created the great balls of fire to...

Will & Spear

How an ancient combat mode conquered the world.   Bibliography Kay, Kip. "The Warband: How the Romans Did It before the Republic." University of Utah, 2012.    

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