These are the legends of Ǻrth.


 ‘Bree-Ark’ is Goblin for ‘We Surrender.’

Once an Adventurer

Bjornmede was once an adventurer like you, but then he took an arrow to his knee.

Ogre Slavers

A band of slave-trading ogres prowls through the Deepwillow Forest,

Rich & Powerful

The rich and powerful will never cease telling you you how utterly disadvantaged they are.



The rain ran down Rion’s face in steady rivulets, forming a large cold pool where his neck met the collar of his field plate. Three days of the deluge had left the men soaked to the bone. The mists that usually filled these woods during this time of year had been...

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Curse of Llewellyn

Curse of Llewellyn

It is said that long ago a Kellish bard named Llewellyn won the heart of a beautiful mermaid. The mermaid asked her mother Mhorann (a powerful sorceress) if she could wed the Kell, and live with him in his keep on land. Mhorann denied the request and forbade her...