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World          Ǻrth Continent    Auctorus


Climate Warm Coastal to Cold Mountains Altitude: Low to High The Old Empire region has mild winters with warm summers which are typified by tropical weather systems moving north and bringing frequent rains throughout the warmer months. This produces lush coastal wetlands and provided ample water to run large agricultural operations without much need for irrigation. The Western Range is a very mountainous region which ranges from chaparral in the south to dense mixed forests in the north. The Nearnorth region receives heavy snows in the winter months as cold arctic air rushes over the warmer Gulf of Stars. Summers are mostly warm and dry, but rivers remain full year-round due to plentiful snow melt from the mountains. Communities with the ability to build irrigation projects make good use of both warm, sunny weather and plentiful water. Danger Level: Varies 1–25




  • Eastern Reaches
  • Nearnorth
  • Magefell
  • Old Empire
  • Sea Princes
  • Tir Deru
  • Western Range
  • Winterholm

Trade & Economy

Notable Features

  • Aetus (Volcano)
  • Arcane Nexus
  • Cape of Storms
  • Carcosan Gate
  • Deepǻrth
  • Fog Plane
  • Goblin Wast
  • Lost City of Sorborquer
  • Silver Leaf
  • Singing Forest
  • Steaming Mountain
  • The Singing Fog
  • Troll Fens
  • Wends


Creatures and Wildlife

Wandering Monsters

This section is under construction, check back soon as we add information about the world of Ǻrth.





Culture & Races


  • A1—Lairs of Lawlessness
  • B1—Hobgoblins on Highwater
  • B5—Fowl Times in Feathertallow
  • C1—Caverns of Calamity
  • C2—Cairns of Chaos
  • C3—The Wizard’s Price
  • D1—Doom of Dauntilus
  • D2—Curse of Llewellyn
  • D3—Dead of the Night
  • E1—A Small World to Save
  • E2—Dragon of Blackrock
  • E3—Hall of the Lizard King
  • E4—Crown of the Lizard King
  • F1—Fear of the Fens
  • F2—Warwomen of Westfalle
  • F3—Batriders of Bailshire
  • G1—Dawn of the Snake God
  • H1—Harvest of Hansek
  • H2—Hills of Havoc
  • I1—The Hidden Keep
  • I2—Day of the Snake God
  • J1—The Ogre Prince
  • J2—Bluster in Beji
  • K1—Wolfriders of the Wastes
  • K2—Slave Pits of the Goblin King
  • K3—King of the Wastes
  • L1—Saints on Ice
  • L2—Frozen Dead
  • N1—Witch Hunt
  • P1—Seven Shades of Sorrow

More Information

  • Travelers’ Guide to Auctorus, Salt Lake City, UT: Cailore Simulation Design, 2017.

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