The gods of Ǻrth are on a brief vacation as we retool for 5e. Any information appearing here is subject to change.


Deity Alignment Domains
Æcotemus Neutral Good Protection Victory
Ælecta Chaotic Evil Tempest
Ætrometa Chaotic Neutral Trickery
Auctor Neutral Good Travel
Aura Neutral Good Farming
Barseði Lawful Good Protection
Beast Cults Chaotic Evil Nature
BhÏlæ Chaotic Evil Evil
Cæcus Chaotic Evil Fire
Cryas Neutral Evil Cold
Ðeaðlælac Neutral Evil Water Evil
Deep Mother Chaotic Evil Evil
Ɛæcus Lawful Neutral Grave
Eriys Chaotic Evil Trickery
Ferxunæ Neutral Tempest
Greets-with-Fire Lawful Good Fire
Habaloi Chaotic Neutral Trickery
Hansek Neutral Evil War
Hel Neutral Evil Death
Hɛlaias Neutral Good Light Fire
He-who-Dreams Neutral Good Madness Evil
Hɛxidæ True Neutral Illusion
Ibaloi Chaotic Good Trickery
Ibaron Neutral Good Nature Life
JörÞfaðir Lawful Neutral Earth
Karka Chaotic Evil Disease
Kybele Neutral Good Protection
Lyra Chaotic Good Protection
Mercætar Unaligned Trade
Mïrus Chaotic Good Life
Mordius Chaotic Evil Death Grave
Mountain King Lawful Neutral Earth War
Mÿxes Neutral Evil Disease Death
Nalɛlis Neutral Evil Madness Death
Naxai Neutral Good Victory
Nefandus Lawful Evil War Nature
Oberon Æås Chaotic Good Life Protection
Œmanis Lawful Evil Victory
Ogra-Thek Neutral Evil Evil War
Order Arcana Unaligned Secrets
Oðr Neutral Good Light War
Pallid King Lawful Evil Secrets Madness
Pantheism Unaligned Nature Life
Pellanæ Neutral Evil War
Pratounutudi Chaotic Evil Evil Trickery
Ragnor Chaotic Evil War
Regius Lawful Good Protection
Sankt Claud Neutral Good Knowledge
Sankt Claus Neutral Good Forge Light
Sankt Elton Neutral Good Protection Grave
Sankt Hauer Chaotic Good Victory Knowledge
Sankt Jurgen Lawful Good Travel
Sankt Tomas Neutral Good Life
Sankte Augustine Lawful Good Light Protection
Sankte Matilda Neutral Good War
Sankte Sara Lawful Good Secrets
Sesleth True Neutral Water Life
Speaks-Not Neutral Good Protection Life
Sylvanus Chaotic Good Nature
Tacðus Neutral Good Knowledge
Tænaxæ Chaotic Evil Evil Madness
Tɛðis Chaotic Evil Illusion
Teotawaki Chaotic Evil Tempest Evil
Tetecus Unaligned Illusion
Thorbardyn Lawful Good Protection Forge
Tyfhan Chaotic Evil Evil Trickery
Valar Lawful Good Light
Vigilanus Lawful Neutral Protection
Waðær True Neutral Knowledge Protection
Xram True Neutral Light, Tempest
Zumakoi Neutral Good Protection Farming

Divine Domains of Ǻrth

  • Aquatilium
  • Arcanum
  • Bellum
  • Dementia
  • Fallacia
  • Fornax
  • Fundum
  • Immortuus
  • Lumen
  • Malum
  • Mors
  • Natura
  • Patrocinium
  • Pestis
  • Scientia
  • Sepulcrum
  • Tempestas
  • Terra
  • Transvectio
  • Umbra
  • Victoria
  • Vitæ

The gods of Ǻrth are Product Identity and MAY NOT be reproduced or distributed except as part of official Cailore Fantasy products. The domains however are offered as Open Game Content.

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