Dungeon Crawler Quarterly

Fantasy Adventure Role Playing in the Old Style

Dungeon Crawler Quarterly is going to be print and electronic magazine in the old style of fantasy adventure magazines from the 70s and 80s—where content was king and gamers shared fun, and inventive material with other gamers, and the art was so bad it made us all think we could be successful artists.

In this space, you will be able to find previews of articles in the print version of the magazine here as well as some cool web-only content and fascinating stuff we find in our travels. If you would like to write with us, visit jobs.cailore.com to learn how our party divides the treasure. If you are still interested after that, fill out the contact form, and we will get you started.

Issue 1

Here we go baby! Issue One is in the gate! Finally getting ready to launch! I need more exclamation points!!! The issue will be available on RPGnow.com shortly as both print and digital. Our patrons will get a free code mailed to them at the time of publication to get...

Click the icon above to explore our fantasy RPG setting of Årth.

Tavern Rumors

Giant Gnomes

In ancient times, gnomes were over seven feet tall! You can find proof of this in long-lost ruins built by the forgotten gnomish empire which can be found all over Ǻrth.

We are working on it!

Once the dust settles, this will be the new home for our games on the interwebs! No one around here has Craft (Webpage) as a class skill, so it might be a little rough for a bit, but we are looking forward to some great fun associated with some great OSR and OGL...

History of Auctorus

Creation Myth In a time before time, the seven creator gods came to this plane to create the Well of Urð. Hɛxidæ first created the firmament from the ether, giving the other gods a canvas on which to work. Hɛlaias then created the great balls of fire to...

3.5 OGL Game Master Screen

Keep your notes and rolls secret behind this wonderful screen useful for running Open Game License (OGL) games. It is decorated with maps from Cailore Fantasy™ including a map of Auctorus from the world of Ǻrth. The inside of the screen has handy reference charts...

Setting the Tone

  One of the most important things you have to do as game master is to set the tone of the session, because the atmosphere you cultivate affects how your players experience the story.   https://youtu.be/mndDbN60Eiw

A massive tenth-century AD ring fortress was recently identified at Borgring, south of Copenhagen in Denmark. The combination of high-resolution LiDAR mapping, geophysical survey and targeted small-scale excavation has demonstrated that the site belongs to a rare...

Lairs of Lawlessness

Cailore Simulation Design has released A1 Lairs of Lawlessness, with is now available in print or as digital download.

New Releases

The New Releases category covers our newest releases and lets you know where you can get issues of the magazine and other gaming products.

RPG Craft

The RPG Craft category is going to be filled with all that good meta-game information about how we can best do our jobs as Game Masters or make the most out of the game as players.

Gamer History

Gamer History posts will have to do with both the history of role playing and war games, but will also feature articles about historical topics of significance to games. There exists an inexhaustible trove of existing stories Game Masters can mine for...

Fantasy Category

The fantasy category will have articles discussing fantasy topics. These topics my be either fiction or role-playing game material. If you click on the category name in the article's header, you will be taken to other articles in the fantasy category.

Hello World!

We have a lot of exciting plans coming your way as we review Role Playing products for pen-and-paper, online, and computer. We are also going to give you a grognard's view of current geek movies, books, and maybe some music. It should be a lot of fun.

Heraldry for Fantasy Role Playing

One of the things that made me fall in love with the World of Greyhawk folio were the coats of arms which were emblasoned upon the cover. For some reason, these little escutcheons brought a feeling of dignity and legitimacy to these imaginary lands. It was only as I...