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World: Ǻrth
Continent: Auctorus
Region: Near North
Sub: Orcspire Upriver


The Upriver valley has an alpine climate, cool summers and cold winters with a good amount of precipitation throughout the year. The valley floor is considerably higher in elevation than the locations most peoples of Auctorus call home, thus for the first few weeks in the area characters may find themselves suffering from the effects of altitude, even when on the valley floor. Many of the passes and peaks around the edge of the valley are high enough to cause problems for even those characters who are used to all but the highest altitudes on the continents. This material assumes the party will begin their adventures in the region during the height of summer, but as game master, if you wish to change this, feel free to adjust that as you see fit—the freezing temperatures of winter can provide additional role playing and environmental hazards for the players to overcome.

The valley floor is mostly grassy meadow, with small outcroppings of trees, especially around the river banks. The river Dwarfwater is begins at the south of the valley, near Battlehold and runs north until it joins the Orcrun, which continues to the sea.


  • Bailey on the Dwarfwater
  • Battlehold
  • Brierrock
  • South Orcspire


  • Place

Notable Locations

  • Dwarfwater River
  • Orcrun River
  • Ruins of Dwarfwater
  • Sitting Stones
  • Standing Stones
  • Weald of Woe


Climate [Zone] [Terrain] Altitude: [Low Mild High Extreme] Danger Level


The local wildlife and humanoid invaders pose significant threats to the people of the region. In the summer the environment is quite pleasant in the valley floor, but the altitude of mountains surrounding the valley are full of environmental dangers, from the altitude itself, to year-round avalanche and rock slide danger. Arcane threats in the area include founder gnome ruins which still spill out strange gnomish inventions and a ruined human town which spontaneously produces undead for reasons unknown.

Wandering Monsters

2d10 Roll Monster Size/Type CR Alignment
2 Bear, Brown Large Animal 4 Neutral
3 Orc Patrol (6) Medium Humanoids 3 Chaotic Evil
4 Giant Ant, Soldier Medium Vermin 2 Neutral
5 Bear, Black Medium Animal 2 Neutral
6 Bison Large Animal 2 Neutral
7 Giant Ant, Worker Medium Vermin 1 Neutral
8 Wolf Medium Animal 1 Neutral
9 Goblin Small Humanoid 1/2 Neutral Evil
10 Elk (Moose) Large Animal 1 Neutral
11 Rat Tiny Animal 1/8 Neutral Evil
12 Antelope Medium Animal 1/3 Neutral
13 Skeleton, Human Medium Undead 1/3 Neutral Evil
14 Zombie, Human Medium Undead 1/2 Neutral Evil
15 Ghoul Medium Undead 1 Chaotic Evil
16 Swarm, Rat Tiny Animal (Swarm) 2 Neutral
17 Worg Medium Magical Beast 2 Neutral Evil
18 Wolves (2) Medium Animal 2 Neutral
19 Wight Medium Undead 3 Lawful Evil
20 Ambush Spider Large Vermin 4 Neutral


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