Rich & Powerful

The rich and powerful will never cease telling you you how utterly disadvantaged they are.

Giant Gnomes

In ancient times, gnomes were over seven feet tall! You can find proof of this in long-lost ruins built by the forgotten gnomish empire which can be found all over Ǻrth.

Meeting in a Tavern

So, it’s been almost 20 years since I first published materials for my campaign world Ǻrth. In the time since that first publishing so much of the real world has changed, technology, politics, and new economic realities have shifted the way people see both...

Sir Aylard the Younger

Sir Aylard the Younger comes from a long line of knights who have served the barons of Orcspire since the creation of the domain hundreds of years ago. Aylard the Younger has recently been selected by the Baron of Orcspire to tame the lands of the Upriver region which...

Bailey on the Dwarfwater

Lawful Good Village (Orcspire Upriver region) Corruption -1; Crime -2; Economy -3; Law +1; Lore -3; Society -4 Qualities insular Danger +0; Disadvantages secluded DEMOGRAPHICS Government Autocracy Population 75 (Human farmers, guards, and a few merchants) Noteable...